CompuTrainer™ Pro Basic Package

CompuTrainer™ Lab The Lab CompuTrainer has been calibrated on our dynamometer and sorted to a higher degree of accuracy than the standard Pro CompuTrainer. It is ideally suited for MultiRider systems group racing/training and any other application such as coaching and testing where the highest possible degree of accuracy is desired. For use with desktop and laptop PC’s with appropriate 3D video graphic cards.

Like the Pro, it comes fully equipped with Hardware and Electronics to which you add your own bike, 3D Interactive Software with SpinScan Pedal Stroke Analysis, Coaching Software, an interface to adjust for Aerodynamic Drag Factors and Real Course Videos of famous routes around the globe!

Also if you purchase a CompuTrainer from the Peak Centre you will receive 1 free Lactate Zone Check at the Peak Centre & 2 free race entries for the Peak Centre’s Indoor Racing Series.


Sale price: $1850 CAD. (including tax and shipping cost) 

Regular price: $2100 CAD. + tax *

Deadline for orders: Friday 12th August 2016

Contact us now to place your order.

* Subject to US exchange rate

Features  (click to read more)



  • 1500 Watt Electronic Load Generator
  • Microprocessor Handlebar Controller with LCD Display
  • PosilockTM Rear Mount Stand
  • Cadence Sensor
  • Polar Wireless HR Receiver (requires a Polar coded or non-coded chest strap which is not included. Will not work with Polar’s W.I.N.D. model).
  • Front Wheel Support
  • Power Supply


  • Panoramic 3D course
  • Grade Profiles to 15%
  • Multiple Scenery Selections
  • Male, Female, Pacer Riders
  • SpinScanTM Bar & Polar modes in split screen
  • Custom Course Creation
  • Split Screens
  • Unlimited courses and saved races
  • Download free prerecorded 3D courses (currently Tuscaloosa)
  • Data bar displays:
    – distance
    – lead
    – lap time
    – finish
    – calories
    – adjustable aerodynamic drag factor
    – instant/average/peak: watts, cadence, heartrate, speed


  • Coaching Software:
    – Full Screen SpinScan
    – Watts/Time Testing
    – Monitor Your Progress
    – Electronic Bike Fit
    – Export for 3rd party
    – Applicatons
    – Training manual by Coach Joe Friel


  • Connects the CompuTrainer to the USB Stereo Adaptor


  • Minimum System Requirements for the CompuTrainer Pro:
    Pentium II 233 MHz PC (or equivalent)
    Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7
    16 MB DirectX 7 compatible video card
    Available USB port

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